Storm lessons for the Global Warming government crowd:

Well, it seems that our governments here in Oregon were wholly unprepared for the severe ice and snow that we experienced over the last two weeks. Could it be because they have become so convinced that global warming will continue and we will have more mild winters that they will not gear up to effectively deal with these events? How come the Portland International Airport had the highest flight cancellation rate in the nation during this global warming freeze event? Why is so much money being expended by local Metro area governments unexpectedly to deal with road clearing during and after the storms?


Is it because they don’t have enough money from the taxpayers to pay for all the needed equipment to do the job right? Is it because government workers weren’t working hard enough?




The answers to these questions lie in the only conclusion that one can reach. Namely, bad decisions by political leaders. In the Metro area, there is an obsession with the notion that public transit will meet the transportation needs of an expected influx of one million new people to the area over the next 25 years or so, an extraordinarily expensive absurdity that defies common sense. Additionally, if you couple that with the belief that so many elected leaders in the Metro area hold that the earth is going to continue to warm and that there is no need to gear up for colder weather, then you have the makings of the perfect storm, pardon the pun.


This is exactly what we have just experienced here as evidenced by public transportation able to only operate at 1/3 capacity, roads not being properly cleared of snow and ice and massive traffic jams because of inept decision making by maintenance supervisors. Loss of businesses because many could not operate at full capacity or efficiently was also a negative consequence because of poor


The root of all this bad decision making lies in failed socialist philosophy folks. Bigger government that is inefficient and wasteful creates these kinds of messes. Spending a little less on transit projects (like 1.4 billion on 6.3 miles of new light rail) by deviating some of those resources to preparing for worst that nature might throw at us might be a good start reversing these trends.


Perhaps people will get fed up with the damaging policies of socialist leaders once they feel betrayed by the global warming alarmists after years of digging out from more snow and ice. One can only hope.