Wednesday's show plan 2/20/2008


Did the Washington County Sheriff’s deputies overeact in the shooting of the wanted felon who rammed their cars?  Not at all, as he was attempting to kill them with his car. He got just what he deserves in my opinion.


2nd Amendment watch: WA State Senator Ed Murray’s bill says that college students have incomplete brain development and should not be allowed to have guns on college campuses.


American Hero award: Woman revives baby born and left in toilet.  I hope the mother who left the baby in the toilet will be prosecuted.


Fire District bookkeeper admits embezzeling 1.6mil. How on earth can this happen? How about the auditors?


Fireball in the sky? What was it?


Not so special session: Day 13.

Legislature money committee passes Trimet crime bill with no money. It is pretty toothless bill.

            Political theatre or genuine outrage at secret deals between teachers accused of sexual misconduct and administrators.

            Legislative money committee passes bill to undermine Mannix’s property crimes initiative.   Will pass a ballot title that cant be challenged, just like MZ 49.


Prez politics: McCain and Obama big winners in last nights primaries.

            Obama trying to spin wife’s comments:  


Oregon GOP is deep in debt and has an IRS lien for not paying payroll taxes: How could this happen? What is the problem? How ironic that the party of less taxes doesn’t pay it’s taxes. Not good and there must be some accountability here.  


Congrats: Fed judge dismisses Oregon prison inmate’s lawsuit for a sex change operation.


Government gone wrong! SF Mayor’s climate change aide paid 160k per year!